abuse.ch gets a new home at BFH

Published on 1st June 2021, 07:25:31 UTC

In October 2020, I've described the challenges I'm facing with operating abuse.ch as a non-profit project. I've also draw a plan for the future of abuse.ch that was collecting sufficient funds to turn abuse.ch into a research project. Today, I'm very excited to announce that the fund raising was successful and that as of April 15th 2021, abuse.ch became a research project at Institute for Cybersecurity and Engineering ICE hosted at the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) in Switzerland.

Since October 2020, more than 20 organizations made commitments to support abuse.ch with funding. The funds are managed by BFH who ensures that they will be used exclusively for maintaining and operating abuse.ch. A list of sponsors is available here:

Thanks to these organizations, abuse.ch is able to continue to operate, covering infrastructure costs and provide accurate threat intelligence free for everyone.

While these are great news, this was just the first step into the future of abuse.ch. The project is still a one man show, meaning that operating abuse.ch's infrastructure, maintaining the necessary software and platforms as well as do threat hunting still weights heavily on the shoulders of one person. In order to change that, my goal is to raise additional funds by end of 2021 for one or two FTEs. Hiring staff is crucial for abuse.ch to operate in the future. Therefore, your help is needed!

If you would like to get a sponsor of abuse.ch, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at coSntacPtAmeM@abuse.ch (remove all capital letters)

At the same time, I would also like to thank everyone who supported the project so far. Coming that far would not have been possible without your support!

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